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A three-dimensional face!
Perfectly even up to the side line!
Forehead S line

We design the hairline carefully even up to the side line of the face.

Is there a line even on the forehead?
New Hair’s hairline emphasizes such line.

Unlike men, the hairlines of women tend to stick out on the forehead, and grow relatively thinner. Unlike men’s hairlines, women also have a temporal peak.
The temporal peak illustrated in the figure below is the key to a natural hairline and is the most important part in the design. Hairline correction surgery is a type of operation that is designed to make people more attractive.
Therefore, after considering the face ratio / shape / area, we will design even the side line to create a three-dimensional face.

Pain Management

During the hair transplant, anesthetic management is handled effectively so it is rare for a patient to complain about feeling pain. However, once anesthesia wears off upon returning home, pain may be felt and may interfere with post-surgery recovery.

Hair transplant is a type of surgery in which the patient stays in the same posture for an extended period, so one must relax after the surgery. If postoperative pain persists, stress increases in the body, which may lead to an adverse effect on freshly transplanted hair fullicles.

Efforts to Increase the Success Rate

FUE2 Enhanced Non-incision

It is New Hair’s non-incision technique, in which existing shortcomings have been addressed quickly, thus minimizing the cutting rate and abundant perifullicular tissue.

Snug Fit Using Slits

When the maximum number of hair fullicles is transplanted into the minimum number of pores, the engraftment rate will be higher.

Use of a High Magnification Microscope for the Entire Process

If a high magnification microscope is used for the entire process, the number of healthy hair fullicles can increase by 25%, compared to visual separation.

Aqua Cutting for Underwater Separation

Hair fullicles will be damaged if they are exposed to air for 60 seconds. Underwater separation can minimize the damage on hair fullicles, compared to the separation conducted in the air.

Effective Management after Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Transplant

With effective management for four days, optimal "hair fullicle health" is maintained for 12 months.

Long-term Preservative Sulution and 4 ℃ Low Temperature Water Retention Device

It maximizes engraftment by creating the same surgical environment as in an organ transplant.