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Why did so many people go to New Hair?

12 months after SMP

New Hair’s SMP Know-How

You do not need to worry
about changing color

Deformation is prevented by injecting ink that was
developed by New Hair at a special depth and angle.

Check out the clear result
and naturalness right away.

You can get a natural-looking result right from
the beginning with the ink that matches your hair color.

It is a medical procedure that considers the
direction of hair growth / degree of hair loss.

Since the procedure is performed with a customized hair
pattern for each individual, you can obtain a more natural result.

Are you worrying about
follicular damage or hair loss?

You don’t need to worry about anything with SMP.
Since it does not stimulate hair follicle cells, it has no direct or indirect side effects.

We guarantee the result of the scalp tattoo
because of its reliable technology.

Procedure done by
professional medical staff
The professional hair loss medical staff will
accurately diagnose your current hair
condition, and carry out the procedure
within a safe depth to avoid damaging hair follicles.
First to popularize the
scalp tattoo
The world’s first presentation on scalp
tattoo Its stability and effectiveness have
been recognized worldwide.
1:1 customized procedure
The SMP reproduces the same color, size,
and density as the individual’s hair, as
well as its irregularities
Self-developed medical pigment
To avoid awkwardness from up close, it is required that the pigment used must not turn blue over time.

SINCE 2011
Publications on SMP in the Korean Society of Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgeons

Published a paper in the American
Journal of Clinical Dermatology in 2015

First published a paper on SMP in the
FORUM of the International Society of
Hair Restoration Surgery in 2010

Published a paper in the SCIE Journal,
Clinics, in 2013

Wrote the SMP chapter on the textbook
of the International Society of
Hair Restoration