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Realization that it looks like actual hair

Even the traces of hair look as natural as they are!
Hairless Head Hair Loss
We will meticulously and precisely reproduce the color, size,
and irregularity of the hair that is suitable to the individual’s character.

Why SMP is required for hairless head hair loss

The SMP procedure replicates the color and shape created by the traces of hair.

Fast Recovery

Everyday life begins immediately after the SMP procedure!

In SMP, there is a difference in the length of the procedure, depending on its scope, but, in most cases, one can proceed with daily activities shortly after.

It is recommended that the patient avoids smoking and alcohol for two days after SMP, but he or she can freely take a shower immediately after the procedure.

However, the SMP treatment site should not be shampooed for two days.

Unless you shampoo or expose your hair to direct sunlight for a long time within 3 days after the procedure, you can go on with your life normally.

Daily life possible

Shower possible

Shampoo for 2 days NO!

Long-time exposure to direct sunlight NO!

Naturalness of SMP

Will the hair color become blurred or blue after the SMP procedure?

During the development of the SMP procedure, the emphasis was on preventing the pigment from turning green and keeping the size of the points from changing. The tattoo that we can see is discolored and it spreads over time because of the type of pigment used and there are differences in the depth and angle of the injected skin layer. For the SMP, the ink developed by NHI is injected at a special depth and angle, which prevents deformation.

Color Change NO!

Size Change NO!

Hair Follicle Damage NO!

Procedure done with the same color as the patient's hair!

Procedure done with the same pattern as the patient's hair!

A test is performed in a narrow area before applying the SMP to the entire area. The result will be used to determine whether it will be suitable to apply to the entire area. This test is done on those who are concerned about the result of the SMP. It is also used to find the appropriate density and size for each individual.

Do not worry about damaging your scalp!

Are you worried about your hair loss or damaging your scalp?

SMP is performed by a qualified doctor in a hospital.

Since it will not damage the scalp or irritate the hair follicle, it does not directly or indirectly affect those who plan to have hair transplant in the future or have ongoing hair loss.

This means that it is just masking the scalp, and it does not have side effects.

Hair Transplant after SMP

After SMP, there are people who want to undergo hair transplant due to additional hair loss or psychological changes. Unlike normal tattoos, SMP does not affect the scalp or the hair follicles because it is limited to the surface of the skin. Therefore, it is okay to try having a hair transplant at any time after SMP. Hair transplant at the SMP treatment site may have a positive effect because hair density is high.

Minimization of pain

Since the micro needle used in SMP is very fine, it will be very painful if you are not under local anesthesia. Tattooists feel so much pain during tattooing because they cannot be put under local anesthesia like if they were confined in a hospital. During the SMP procedure, however, the patient does not feel any pain except for the pain felt during the administration of anesthesia.

Guaranteed scalp tattoo results with trustworthy technology

Procedure done by professional medical staff

Don’t be anxious. The professional hair loss medical staff will accurately diagnose your current hair condition and carry out the procedure within a safe depth to avoid damaging hair follicles.

First to popularize the scalp tattoo

With reliable technology and being the first to introduce scalp tattoo, its stability and effectiveness have been recognized worldwide.

1:1 customized procedure

SMP reproduces the same color, size, and density as the individual’s hair, as well as its irregularities.

Self-developed medical pigment

To avoid awkwardness from up close, the technology used by the medical staff, specialization of the equipment, and the use of pigment that does not turn blue over time are required.

Postoperative Management

Are you disappointed that the result did not meet your expectations?

The SMP program includes free retouches.

Have no worries in New Hair!

Depending on the nature of the scalp, there is a slight difference in the response to SMP.

To minimize the number of complaints after the procedure, we offer retouching procedures for the parts that need improvement.