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We make sure
all the transplanted
hairs will grow.

Our valuable and touching vision raises my enthusiasm,
and all members are the driving forces toward the goal.

About New Hair

Strictly check one
follicle at a time

Director Jin-Oh Kim /
NHI New Hair Institute

Follicular unit hair transplant requires strict and ongoing supervision.
Hair follicle cells should be treated gently, ensuring that they have enough nutrients and that there is no damage to the growth center.

We never transplant
a hair follicle
that has not been checked by a microscope.

The use of a microscope reduces human errors in the repetitive process of separating hair follicles, so that the surgical results are the same all the time.

Jin-Oh Kim, M.D. (NHI New Hair Director, Plastic Surgery Specialist, U.S. Hair Transplant Specialist)

The use of a microscope increases the number of implantable hair follicles by up to 25%.

William R. Rassman (First developer of the follicular unit hair transplant, NHI New Hair Founder)

In the follicular unit hair transplant, particularly when separating donor hairs, a microscope is essential.

Dr. Bobby Limmer (U.S. Bosley Hair Transplant Center)

Ethicality and Honesty

Recommending surgery to patients whose hair loss is ongoing, or to patients who are too young, using automated hair follicle separating machines or erroneous transplant methods, and carelessly dealing with hair follicle cells that will be transplanted are all part of commercial sales strategies.
As I told you in an interview titled, “Doctors who put more value on money than the ethics of the medical business,” NHI New Hair meets and treats patients in an ethical manner. NHI New Hair bears more responsibility on the surgery, as doctors consult with patients at every stage of the decision-making in treatment and surgery. Also, patients can directly see all the procedures.
Do not forget that patients must consult a doctor on the treatment process, and that you can only trust what you see with your eyes.

Growth with Truthful Communication

I think all the members of NHI New Hair are ideal partners who are working together to develop the hospital. In particular, the status of the nurses dealing with hair follicles, which are the most important factors in hair transplant, and their attitude toward work are important factors in determining the success or failure of the surgery. I think creative and innovative ideas come from constant communication in the process of carefully handling hair follicle cells. Creating the best conditions at all stages of the surgery has resulted in NHI New Hair’s surgical outcomes. Since people are our biggest assets, nursing teams and employees, who are constantly pursuing innovation through creative ideas, are the key stakeholders of NHI New Hair.
NHI New Hair considers its nursing team and employees as partners who are working together to grow and develop the hospital, and it strives to ensure that the personal visions of all the members match the corporate vision.

The vision as a hair transplant specialist

A “vision” is necessary, and everyone in NHI New Hair can clearly understand it.

"We make all transplanted hair grow."

It is a story felt by heart, saying, “This is a really good thing to do.”
Such a valuable and touching vision raises my enthusiasm, and all members are the driving forces toward the goal.

Global NHI

NHI New Hair, founded by Dr. WILLIAM R. RASSMAN, is the largest hair transplant network in the western United States.
NHI New Hair operates 10 network hospitals in the United States, and is constantly developing surgical procedures and related medical equipment.
Its Korean branch is continuing its 21-year history as the headquarters in ASIA,
and is constantly conducting exchanges with the U.S. headquarters to provide the same quality of medical service.

Seoul, Korea

New Hair Institute Korea, 15F, Seorim B/D, 649-10, Yeokan dong, Gangnamgu,Seoul +82-2-557-2022

Los Angeles, California

New Hair Institute, 2080 Century Park East, Suite 607, Los Angeles, CA 90067 +1-800-NEW-HAIR (800-639-4247) +1-310-553-9113

Santa Barbara, California
Athens, California
San Jose, California
Newport, California
Manhattan, New York
Las Vegas, Nevada
Dallas, Texas
Chicago, Illinois
Fort Lee, New Jersey