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Unbreakable eyebrow tattoo BMP!

As it is the SMP medical treatment technique,

it is possible to realize 4D results beyond 3D!


Long-lasting premium eyebrow tattoo

New Hair BMP!

By adding our BMP treatment technique to the existing semi-permanent treatment method,

it is possible to express a more three-dimensional feeling of shading, and the treatment result is long-lasting!

We collect only good things and treat them!

With the use of BMP medical treatment equipment and premium pigments,
it is possible to produce natural results like my eyebrows from the beginning with a design that takes into account individual face shapes, proportions, and curves.

It is safe as a procedure in a medical institution!

With the use of disposable medical needles and thorough sterilization of medical tools at all times, etc. Hygienic, allergy and infection control, and safe anesthesia are possible.

impure eyebrows

half eyebrows

male eyebrows

Middle-aged male BMP eyebrow tattoo

Middle-aged woman BMP eyebrow tattoo

The new name of the eyebrow tattoo “New Hair BMP”

New Hair BMP is a treatment method differentiated from the existing semi-permanent treatment.
It is a procedure suitable for anyone of any age or gender.

Participation of professional medical staff

Under the responsibility of the medical staff specializing in New Hair, we apply the Medical Treatment Technology Act as it is and perform the procedure safely.

The first popularization of SMP! Treatment suitable for BMP!

As a hospital that contributed to the popularization of SMP – Reliable technology and stability were equally applied to BMP.

1:1 customized treatment

Considering individual eye style, color, density, and irregularity of eyebrow texture
Reproduce the same.

Self-developed medical pigment

To avoid awkwardness from up close,

it is required that the pigment used must not turn blue over time.

SINCE 2011
Publications on SMP in the Korean Society of Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgeons

Published a paper in the American
Journal of Clinical Dermatology in 2015

First published a paper on SMP in the
FORUM of the International Society of
Hair Restoration Surgery in 2010

Published a paper in the SCIE Journal,
Clinics, in 2013

Wrote the SMP chapter on the textbook
of the International Society of
Hair Restoration