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FUE or FUT hair transplant: Which is better for me?

FUE or FUT hair transplant: Which is better for me?

FUE or FUT hair transplant: Which is better for me?



If you are wondering whether you should have an FUE or FUT hair transplant, I can help you to decide.

Both incisional and non-incisional can be customized to the patient. Which one is better will vary from patient to patient, so I will explain when FUE or FUT might be a better option.


Patients who benefit from doing FUT hair transplant

Those with a low volume of donor hair can benefit from doing FUT rather than FUE hair transplant. If you have a small amount of hair in the back, taking hairs one by one by FUE may result in further loss of density, which can make the back look hollow. In this case, it’s best to proceed with FUE hair transplant to avoid losing hair density.

Additionally, for patients with very curly hair, FUE method may cause damage to the harvested hair. In order to reduce the damage caused by the harvesting process, it is recommended to proceed with the FUT method.



Patients who benefit from doing FUE hair transplant

Those who have good hair density can benefit from doing FUE hair transplant. These patients are candidates for both FUE and FUT hair transplantation. However, FUE allows for selective harvesting of hair, which means that only the healthier hairs can be picked out and harvested. In this case, you may end up with better results by doing FUE hair transplant.



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Dr. Yong-Uk 







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