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What Precautions Taken After Hair Transplant? l shampoo, smoking and drinking alcohol ,exercise

What Precautions Taken After Hair Transplant? l shampoo, smoking and drinking alcohol ,exercise

What Precautions Taken After Hair Transplant?


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  1. How should I manage transplanted hair? How long should I keep them moist?

The first 3 days after transplantation is a very important time. During this period, the transplanted hair is easily damaged, so you should avoid applying physical force such as touching or shock to the transplanted hair as much as possible.


  1. When can I start shampooing comfortably?

Shampooing is possible from the day after transplantation. During the engraftment period of 2 weeks, you should use foam shampoo instead of washing your hair as if you were massaging the scalp with your hands as usual. First, wet the entire scalp evenly using warm water with weak water pressure, put enough shampoo on the hand, rub it to create a bubble, put the foam on the transplanted area and leave it for 2-3 minutes, then carefully apply warm water with weak water pressure again. After 2 weeks, you can start shampooing comfortably.


  1. Does smoking and drinking alcohol result negatively in hair transplant outcome?

Alcohol and cigarettes cause inflammation. Therefore, the possibility of folliculitis in the hair transplant area increases when you drink alcohol or smoke. Not everyone develops folliculitis, but if folliculitis occurs, it is recommended to avoid alcohol and cigarettes as much as possible because the engraftment rate at the transplant site may decrease.


  1. When can start to exercise after surgery? Can I do light exercise right away?

Exercise should be avoided during the engraftment period of 2 weeks. The important thing is that you need to be careful not to sweat. But light exercise without sweating can be done during 2 weeks.


  1. Can I use hair loss treatment products like minoxidil right away?

Minoxidil should also be avoided for at least 3 weeks. Contact with minoxidil, especially at the transplant site, can cause irritation or inflammation.



  1. Do I need to take hair loss medicine after hair transplant?

Those who did not have hair loss but received hair transplant for hairline correction do not need to take hair loss medicine. However, those who have already had hair transplant and have undergone hair transplant must take hair loss medicine even after the transplant. This is because the original hair, excluding the transplanted hair, may fall out as hair loss progresses.



  1. When can revision surgery be performed after the first surgery?

Hair transplant results can be confirmed after waiting for about a year. Reoperation is possible even before this period, but it is not advisable to undergo reoperation in the same area as the first operation. However, those who have undergone hairline transplant surgery as the first and are planning a crown transplant as the second surgery can comfortably consider the surgery 3 months after the first surgery.



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Dr. Yong-Uk 






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