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Changing the paradigm of hair loss
treatment–New Hair’s leading hair
loss treatment system


Exosome X Botox

The New Hair’s unique therapeutic ingredients made by mixing high-
dose cytokines with exosomes and botox as main ingredients to help
hair follicle growth and promote hair growth

Hair loss treatment, why
choose New Hair?

✓ New Hair say as a resul


Don’t be deceived by the sayings, ‘It will grow unconditionally’ and
‘Guarantee immediate improvement’
New Hair proves only with results

Don’t be deceived by the sayings, ‘It will grow unconditionally’ and
‘Guarantee immediate improvement’ New Hair proves only with results

✓ Hair loss treatment that is constantly
upgraded for stronger and more effective results

Mesotherapy, antioxidant injection, growth factor injection, cell regeneration therapy, and etc.
We have developed a stronger Ex-tox treatment by adding ingredients such as
stable and high-dose exosomes, botox, cytokines, and growth factors to the
existing hair follicle injection treatment program.


Exosomes are very small endoplasmic reticulum with a nanometer size(50~130nm) and contain substances such as cytokines, growth factors, mRNA and miRNA, and are involved in signal transduction between cells. The therapeutic effect of stem cells is mainly caused by the paracrine effect by exosomes.

When stem cell culture medium(ADCS-CM)containing exosomes is used for treatment, it has the advantage of low
antigenicity and fewer side effects compared to direct administration of stem cells.
Stem cell culture medium activates factors that cause hair growth, such as dermal paaila cells(DPC), HGF, VEGF, and PDGF.



Botulinum toxin, which is widely used for wrinkle improvement, is used for areata, hair loss due to headache, and alopecia on eyelashes
The application of botulinum toxin in hereditary hair loss was reported to the Society of Plastic Surgeons(PRS) in 2010
and its effectiveness is being recognized.

Hepatocyte growth


Prevents the degeneration of hair
follicle cells and prolongs the
growth phase of the hair by
blocking the self-death of

Vascular endothelial
growth factor (VEGF)


Through angiogenesis, VEGF
increase the size of hair follicles




Platelet derived growth
factor (PDGF)


Helps to maintain growth phase of the hair.




✓ Providing customized hair loss treatment

In male-type genotypic hair loss, the main mechanism of Ex-tox hair follicle injection is to induce the growth phase of the hair Suppose the mechanism of drug treatment is to suppress negative ef fect (-), you can think of injection therapy as a treatment that induces positive effect (+)
For diffuse hair loss, female pattern hair loss, stress hair loss, etc., the need for hair follicle injection treatment is higher because the types of treatment are more limited than for men Ex-tox hair follicle injection treatment programs include LLLT low-level laser, hair cell magnetic field treatment, hair reset and hair loss medicine which are provided in a complex manner according to the type
of hair loss

탈모치료 소개 유튜브
새창X , 플레이 버튼 클릭 시 바로 재생

Ex-tox Injection
  • Promotes stronger hair growth effect by adding exosomes, botox, cytokines, etc.
  • Maintains hair growth
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Strengthens hair roots
  • Increases hair thickness
Hair reset/Hair loss medication
  • Hair reset: Strengthens hair roots and promotes hair growth
  • Hair loss medication: Inhibition of DHT that causes hereditary male pattern baldness

✓ REAL Customer Satisfaction by Ex-tox

I think the exosome effect was excellent. I feel like my inner hair is being filled little by little, and the top of my head is improving a lot. I also felt a big change and hope, and the hairdresser no longer talks about hair loss on the top of the head.

– mays**** –

I was very skeptical about whether injection into the head would be effective in treating hair loss, but I was very satisfied to see that the empty area on the top of the head was clearly filled after 6 months and a year.

When I looked in the mirror from the front, I could see the hair loss on the top of the head, but now that point has improved and it feels like my hair is being filled

– 한**-

The number of hairs falling out after showering has also decreased considerably. If I hadn’t received treatment, I think I would have suffered from stress due to hair loss on the top of the head while only taking hair loss pills.

– 정**-

Botox was given to further promote female hair loss treatment, and I think it was a godsend for me. The treatment effect is good, and I also thank the doctors at the clinic for being kind and paying attention not only to words, but to eyes as well!

– lse0**** –

M-shaped hair loss was solved by hair transplantation, but I began my treatment because my hair loss was affecting even at the top of the head. The result is very satisfactory. The transplanted hair seemed to have grown better, and the treatment effect seemed to be excellent as I saw that the thin hair became thicker. These days, I spend a day without worrying about my hair.

– 조**-

You will never regret your choice. The hair becomes fuller and the hair roots are stronger than before the treatment, so the volume is restored and it falls out less when touched.

– jsl2****-

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✓ Continuing research on hair loss treatment

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